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Powerful Through Perimenopause


$750 In Full or 3 Payments of $275


12 Weeks

About the Course

Starting Mid-January 2023! Join this group based program that will allow you to learn more about your ever changing body and how you can support it through Perimenopause and beyond. We will be covering:

  • How your hormones work and the purpose of each one

  • The stages of Perimenopause through Postmenopause and what to expect

  • Nutrition to support you through each stage

  • Herbs and Supplement support

  • Labwork Suggestions based on where you are at in the process

What is included:

  • Weekly Modules that cover a variety of subjects ($150 value)

  • Weekly Group coaching session via Zoom to ask questions and connect with other women who are going through or have gone through the same things as you ($1800 Value)

  • Personal Supplement and Herb recommendations ($150 value)

  • Nutrition guidance geared to your bodily needs ($200 value)

  • Suggested Labwork documents for you to take to your doctor OR OPTION to run the labs through my practice at cost (No Upcharges!) ($150 value)

  • One-on-One Review of Labs should you choose to have them run ($150 value)

  • Recipe guides and meal planning options to find what works best for you and your family ($100 value)

  • Option to use my food journaling system within the coaching platform to have accountability on your food intake ($300 value)

  • Optional Discounted Nutrition Assesment to help you to structure your eating patterns ($100 value)


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